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Why Pera Loans?
  • Apply from home
  • Responsible direct lender
  • Easy to understand and compare
  • Safe and secure process
  • We treat our clients with respect
  • Loans vary from £400.00 to £2000.00
  • You know you get the RIGHT product
Representative example:

Borrow £1000 for 6 months. The total repayment amount will be £1487.90 with first payment of £212.55, 4 payments of £283.40 and last payment of £141.75. There is no card verification cost. The maximum arrears fee charged per loan is capped at £15. The representative APR is 336.15% (138.82% per annum fixed).
All our loans are available for a duration of 3 to 6 month.

Warning: late repayment can cause you serious money problems. for help, go to -

We care about your security!

At we take your online security very seriously. That’s why all the data you enter into our online application form is encrypted before it is sent over the Internet.

What to look out for:

If the page you are browsing is secure then the website address will start with ‘https://’ instead of ‘http://’ – note the missing ‘s’.

But every web browser has its own way of letting you know if the SSL page you are viewing is secure.

Below are a few examples of where various popular browsers display the Encrypted Icon:

IE adds a gold pad-lock in the address bar.

Firefox adds a blue or green bar to the address bar and also displays a small padlock in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Safari adds a small pad-lock symbol in the address bar.

Google Chrome displays a green pad-lock in the address bar.

What does this mean?

If you see the icons above then you can be confident that any information you submit will only be read by the intended recipient. This sign means that your web browser is working with the website to protect any data you view or send.

We do this with a data encryption process called SSL, or Sockets Sockets Layer. In order to encrypt your data correctly we have a valid SSL Certificate provided by Equifax Geo Trust.

SSL overview from the browser viewpoint

  • Browser checks the certificate to make sure that the site you are connecting to is the real site and not someone intercepting.
  • Determines encryption types that the browser and web site server can both use to understand each other.
  • Browser and Server send each other unique codes to use when scrambling (or encrypting) the information that will be sent.
  • The Browser and Server start talking using a encrypted connection, the web browser shows the Encrypted Icon. The data transmitted is secure.
  • You must hold a valid UK bank account that accepts direct debit.
  • You must be 23 or over to apply.
  • You must be a resident and be eligible to work in the United Kingdom
  • You must be employed and receive a regular salary.
  • Your salary must be paid directly into your bank account. is committed to providing a good service to consumers and treating them fairly. As always, if you have any questions or queries with regards to our loans you can call us on 0203 397 1744 / 07946 220135 or email us at