About Us

Why Pera Loans?
  • Apply from home
  • Responsible direct lender
  • Easy to understand and compare
  • Safe and secure process
  • We treat our clients with respect
  • Loans vary from £400.00 to £2000.00
  • You know you get the RIGHT product
Representative example:

Borrow £1000 for 6 months. The total repayment amount will be £1487.90 with first payment of £212.55, 4 payments of £283.40 and last payment of £141.75. There is no card verification cost. The maximum arrears fee charged per loan is capped at £10. The representative APR is 336.15% (138.82% per annum fixed).
Our loans are available between 3 and 6 months depending on the loan amount.

Warning: late repayment can cause you serious money problems. for help, go to - moneyhelper.org.uk

Welcome to Western Circle Ltd trading as Pera Loans, a reliable and responsible direct lender in the UK.

We are an FCA-regulated lender offering short term loans to UK based customers. We try our very best to to make sure that a Pera loan is right for you before lending to you.

An Honest Lender – Here For You

Pera Loans Customer Service

The Pera Loan customer service team is dedicated to caring for your every need. We work hard and tirelessly to make the application and repayment process as easy and stress free as possible. If you have any problems repaying your loan, we will happily help you to come to a resolution! We are here for you!

Our devoted team can be contacted easily by phone on 02033971744 or 07778775988, or by text to 07778775988. You can also email us at info@peraloans.co.uk with any questions or queries that you have.

Responsible Lending

Our payday loans are designed to help you over until you are financially stable again. If you find yourself relying on our loans every single month, you may need to assess your finances to ensure that you are coping with all your credit commitments. If you are having money problems, you can receive free debt advice and debt help from Stepchange Debt Charity. Their number is 0800 138 1111.

Innovation and Advanced Technology

As a part of the Western Circle Group, we take pride in the high level of technology that we use. Our unique advanced underwriting systems have carefully been developed to help us provide the best loans for you. Our affordability matrix also helps us to try and see if our products will really help our customers. Still, our personal touch is our defining feature and we encourage an open communication with our Pera Loan customers.

The Pera Loan application only takes a few minutes to fill out. We always try to fund your loan same day for no extra fee. If you need any help with your application, feel free to contact us on 02033971744 or 07778775988

As always, if you have any questions or queries with regards to our loans, you can contact us on 02033971744 or 07778775988.

  • You must hold a valid UK bank account that accepts direct debit.
  • You must be 23 or over to apply.
  • You must be a resident and be eligible to work in the United Kingdom
  • You must be employed and receive a regular salary.
  • Your salary must be paid directly into your bank account.

Peraloans.co.uk is committed to providing a good service to consumers and treating them fairly. As always, if you have any questions or queries with regards to our loans you can call us on 0203 397 1744 / 07946 220135 or email us at info@peraloans.co.uk